Sean – Class of 2017 – Myrtle Beach Senior Portraits

So this guy, Sean, could not have been any more laid back during our shoot. We made our way around Conway, SC for his Senior Photos and I got to know him a little . Sean is on his high school swim team, football team, does great in school and is looking forward to college next fall. Here is what we got. Thanks for being such a good sport, I know how much you loved taking these photos.  – Kip

myrtle-beach-senior-photos-1 myrtle-beach-senior-photos-2 myrtle-beach-senior-photos-3 myrtle-beach-senior-photos-4 myrtle-beach-senior-photos-5 myrtle-beach-senior-photos-6 myrtle-beach-senior-photos-7 myrtle-beach-senior-photos-8 myrtle-beach-senior-photos-9 myrtle-beach-senior-photos-10 myrtle-beach-senior-photos-11 myrtle-beach-senior-photos-12 myrtle-beach-senior-photos-13 myrtle-beach-senior-photos-14 myrtle-beach-senior-photos-17 myrtle-beach-senior-photos-18 myrtle-beach-senior-photos-16 myrtle-beach-senior-photos-15

Mark & Mike – The Reserve Yacht Club – 10.22.16 (Pawleys Island Wedding)

Mark and Mike tied the knot Saturday at the Reserve Yacht Club.. literally, with a blue and white rope, right after they exchanged their vows. It was such a beautiful evening to have their friends and family gather to see them say their “I dos,” their fur babies walking them down the aisle, and their best friends standing by their side. All the guests were so warm and welcoming, and having such a nice time dancing the night away. Mark and Mike took advantage of having creative friends by using their friend Mike from Georgetown as their DJ and Debbie Summers and her husband Vince took care of the cake and dessert table. Thanks for having me be a part of your special day. #lovewins – Crystal🙂

pawleys-island-wedding_0098 pawleys-island-wedding_0099 pawleys-island-wedding_0101 pawleys-island-wedding_0102 pawleys-island-wedding_0103 pawleys-island-wedding_0104 pawleys-island-wedding_0105 pawleys-island-wedding_0100 pawleys-island-wedding_0106 pawleys-island-wedding_0107 pawleys-island-wedding_0108 pawleys-island-wedding_0109 pawleys-island-wedding_0110 pawleys-island-wedding_0111 pawleys-island-wedding_0112 pawleys-island-wedding_0113 pawleys-island-wedding_0114 pawleys-island-wedding_0115 pawleys-island-wedding_0116 pawleys-island-wedding_0118 pawleys-island-wedding_0119 pawleys-island-wedding_0121 pawleys-island-wedding_0117 pawleys-island-wedding_0120 pawleys-island-wedding_0122 pawleys-island-wedding_0123 pawleys-island-wedding_0124 pawleys-island-wedding_0136 pawleys-island-wedding_0125 pawleys-island-wedding_0126 pawleys-island-wedding_0127 pawleys-island-wedding_0128 pawleys-island-wedding_0129 pawleys-island-wedding_0097 pawleys-island-wedding_0131 pawleys-island-wedding_0096 pawleys-island-wedding_0133 pawleys-island-wedding_0132 pawleys-island-wedding_0134 pawleys-island-wedding_0135 pawleys-island-wedding_0130 pawleys-island-wedding_0137

Ashley and Chad – Litchfield Country Club – Fall wedding 10-22-16

Ashley and Chad got married this weekend at Litchfield Country Club in Pawleys Island, South Carolina. There was not a cloud in the sky for miles to worry about and the temperature was perfect. Annie from southern elegant occasions did a beautiful job with the flowers and décor for the event and the cake and cupcakes from Nothing but Cakes were awesome. Mike from Dj Scott and Company was great and sure knows how to read the crowd and play the songs to keep em dancing. Ashley’s amazing dress as well as the bridesmaids dresses and tuxes all came from Fancy Frocks Bridal shop in Murrells Inlet, SC.  We had such a great time from start to finish and look forward to keeping in touch with this family for years to come. Thanks for letting us be a part of such an important event in your lives. – Kip and Lisa

litchfield-country-club_0002 litchfield-country-club_0009 litchfield-country-club_0001 litchfield-country-club_0012 litchfield-country-club_0011 litchfield-country-club_0013 litchfield-country-club_0016 litchfield-country-club_0017 litchfield-country-club_0004 litchfield-country-club_0018 litchfield-country-club_0015 litchfield-country-club_0019 litchfield-country-club_0020 litchfield-country-club_0010 litchfield-country-club_0021 litchfield-country-club_0022 litchfield-country-club_0023 litchfield-country-club_0025 litchfield-country-club_0024 litchfield-country-club_0026 litchfield-country-club_0027 litchfield-country-club_0028 litchfield-country-club_0029 litchfield-country-club_0030 litchfield-country-club_0031 litchfield-country-club_0032 litchfield-country-club_0033 litchfield-country-club_0034 litchfield-country-club_0035 litchfield-country-club_0036 litchfield-country-club_0037 litchfield-country-club_0038 litchfield-country-club_0039 litchfield-country-club_0040 litchfield-country-club_0041 litchfield-country-club_0042 litchfield-country-club_0043 litchfield-country-club_0044 litchfield-country-club_0045 litchfield-country-club_0046 litchfield-country-club_0014 litchfield-country-club_0008 litchfield-country-club_0007 litchfield-country-club_0006 litchfield-country-club_0005 litchfield-wedding-48 litchfield-wedding-49 litchfield-wedding-50 litchfield-wedding-52 litchfield-wedding-53 litchfield-wedding-54 litchfield-wedding-55 litchfield-wedding-56 litchfield-wedding-57 litchfield-wedding-51 litchfield-wedding-58 litchfield-wedding-59 litchfield-wedding-60 litchfield-wedding-61 litchfield-wedding-62 litchfield-wedding-63 litchfield-wedding-65 litchfield-wedding-64 litchfield-wedding-66 litchfield-wedding-68 litchfield-wedding-69 litchfield-wedding-67 litchfield-wedding-3


Mollie and Cj – Conway, SC. Thompson Farm Wedding 10-19-16

Mollie and Cj had a real life “country wedding” yesterday at Bucksville Hall of Thompson Farm. . Pulled pork, ribs, burlap, country music and cowboy boots. We enjoyed every second of this wedding, talked to so many of their friends and family, each person more kind than the next.  Dj Joe Durivage played a nice mix of Country Music, some fast dance music, Elvis. A bit for everyone. The food was delicious and the cake from the Trestle was perfect. Thanks so much for having us be a part of your special day. -kip and crystal

thompson-farm_0001 thompson-farm_0005 thompson-farm_0004 thompson-farm_0003 thompson-farm_0002 thompson-farm_0063 thompson-farm_0064 thompson-farm_0070 thompson-farm_0068 thompson-farm_0007 thompson-farm_0009 thompson-farm_0008 thompson-farm_0006 thompson-farm_0010 thompson-farm_0011 thompson-farm_0012 thompson-farm_0013 thompson-farm_0014 thompson-farm_0015 thompson-farm_0016 thompson-farm_0017 thompson-farm_0018 thompson-farm_0019 thompson-farm_0020 thompson-farm_0021 thompson-farm_0022 thompson-farm_0023 thompson-farm_0024 thompson-farm_0025 thompson-farm_0026 thompson-farm_0027 thompson-farm_0029 thompson-farm_0028 thompson-farm_0030 thompson-farm_0031 thompson-farm_0032 thompson-farm_0033 thompson-farm_0034 thompson-farm_0035 thompson-farm_0036 thompson-farm_0038 thompson-farm_0039 thompson-farm_0037 thompson-farm_0069 thompson-farm_0067 thompson-farm_0066 thompson-farm_0065 thompson-farm_0040 thompson-farm_0041 thompson-farm_0042 thompson-farm_0043 thompson-farm_0044 thompson-farm_0045 thompson-farm_0046 thompson-farm_0047 thompson-farm_0048 thompson-farm_0049 thompson-farm_0050 thompson-farm_0051 thompson-farm_0052 thompson-farm_0053 thompson-farm_0054 thompson-farm_0056 thompson-farm_0057 thompson-farm_0058 thompson-farm_0059 thompson-farm_0060 thompson-farm_0061 thompson-farm_0062 thompson-farm_0055

Hurricane Matthew Wedding – Shantelle and Tyler – Pawleys Island Wedding 10.9.16

Shantelle and Tyler win the prize for “most stressful conditions leading up to a wedding.” Hurricane Matthew threatened to ruin everything, but with these two being from out of town, that wasn’t an option. They were going to make it work and with the help of some dedicated vendors, family and a clear day after Hurricane Matthew, the wedding  was a total success. The wedding switched to Shantelle’s parent’s house in Pawleys Island and the entire event was powered by a generator.  Big thanks to DJ Wally B for coming so last minute and keeping the guests dancing. The beautiful flowers were done by Tracy at Scarlet Begonia. All of the dresses and tuxedos came from Fancy Frocks. The cake was by Incredible Edibles Bakery. The Heritage provided the delicious food. The Beautiful Salon and Spa in Pawleys Island did a great job with everyone’s hair and makeup. The wedding was even on the news

pawleys-island-wedding_0034 pawleys-island-wedding_0035 pawleys-island-wedding_0080 pawleys-island-wedding_0033 pawleys-island-wedding_0039 pawleys-island-wedding_0037 pawleys-island-wedding_0036 pawleys-island-wedding_0029 pawleys-island-wedding_0030 pawleys-island-wedding_0031 pawleys-island-wedding_0032 pawleys-island-wedding_0038 pawleys-island-wedding_0026 pawleys-island-wedding_0027 pawleys-island-wedding_0028 pawleys-island-wedding_0045 pawleys-island-wedding_0040 pawleys-island-wedding_0042 pawleys-island-wedding_0041 pawleys-island-wedding_0046 pawleys-island-wedding_0048 pawleys-island-wedding_0047 pawleys-island-wedding_0049 pawleys-island-wedding_0043 pawleys-island-wedding_0044 pawleys-island-wedding_0071 pawleys-island-wedding_0077 pawleys-island-wedding_0073 pawleys-island-wedding_0072 pawleys-island-wedding_0074 pawleys-island-wedding_0063 pawleys-island-wedding_0064 pawleys-island-wedding_0050 pawleys-island-wedding_0062 pawleys-island-wedding_0061 pawleys-island-wedding_0051 pawleys-island-wedding_0060 pawleys-island-wedding_0095 pawleys-island-wedding_0024 pawleys-island-wedding_0053 pawleys-island-wedding_0054 pawleys-island-wedding_0066 pawleys-island-wedding_0052 pawleys-island-wedding_0078 pawleys-island-wedding_0067 pawleys-island-wedding_0076 pawleys-island-wedding_0059 pawleys-island-wedding_0055 pawleys-island-wedding_0056 pawleys-island-wedding_0057 pawleys-island-wedding_0058 pawleys-island-wedding_0079 pawleys-island-wedding_0070 pawleys-island-wedding_0069 pawleys-island-wedding_0025 pawleys-island-wedding_0068

Jacqueline and Matt – Engagement Shoot {Myrtle Beach Skywheel}

I had the pleasure of being with these two to capture their engagement when Matt pulled off a great surprise prpposal. Last night I was there to get some engagement photos at the location of their first date. They played arcade games, ski ball, and went on the Sky wheel.  Just as we were about to go on the Sky wheel, the fire alarms went off and dozens of first responders, of all kinds, came rushing to the area. Besides not going on that, we still had a great time and got some super fun images to share. Jacqueline and Matt will get married next summer in Pawleys Island, SC. We can hardly wait…  -kip and crystal

myrtle-beach-engagement_0058 myrtle-beach-engagement_0057



myrtle-beach-engagement_0059 myrtle-beach-engagement_0089 myrtle-beach-engagement_0092


myrtle-beach-engagement_0093 myrtle-beach-engagement_0060 myrtle-beach-engagement_0061 myrtle-beach-engagement_0062 myrtle-beach-engagement_0063 myrtle-beach-engagement_0064 myrtle-beach-engagement_0065 myrtle-beach-engagement_0066 myrtle-beach-engagement_0068 myrtle-beach-engagement_0069 myrtle-beach-engagement_0087 myrtle-beach-engagement_0070 myrtle-beach-engagement_0071 myrtle-beach-engagement_0072 myrtle-beach-engagement_0073 myrtle-beach-engagement_0074 myrtle-beach-engagement_0075 myrtle-beach-engagement_0077 myrtle-beach-engagement_0076 myrtle-beach-engagement_0078 myrtle-beach-engagement_0079 myrtle-beach-engagement_0081 myrtle-beach-engagement_0080 myrtle-beach-engagement_0082 myrtle-beach-engagement_0094 myrtle-beach-engagement_0083 myrtle-beach-engagement_0085 myrtle-beach-engagement_0084 myrtle-beach-engagement_0086 myrtle-beach-engagement_0086b



August – Senior Portraits in Conway, SC {St. James High School Senior}

I had a great time walking around the Conway Riverwalk area with August and her friend Haley the other day. We found lots of cool spots and then ended the session at the Myrtle Beach State Park. August is a real nice young woman who plans on being an elementary school teacher in the future and has the perfect personality for it.  Best of luck .  -Kip

senior-photos-myrtle-beach-1 senior-photos-myrtle-beach-2 senior-photos-myrtle-beach-3 senior-photos-myrtle-beach-4 senior-photos-myrtle-beach-5 senior-photos-myrtle-beach-6 senior-photos-myrtle-beach-7 senior-photos-myrtle-beach-8 senior-photos-myrtle-beach-9 senior-photos-myrtle-beach-10 senior-photos-myrtle-beach-11 senior-photos-myrtle-beach-12 senior-photos-myrtle-beach-13 senior-photos-myrtle-beach-14 senior-photos-myrtle-beach-15 senior-photos-myrtle-beach-16 senior-photos-myrtle-beach-17 senior-photos-myrtle-beach-18 senior-photos-myrtle-beach-19 senior-photos-myrtle-beach-20 senior-photos-myrtle-beach-21 senior-photos-myrtle-beach-22