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Ashley – Portfolio Work – Pawleys Island, SC 5-3-15

Ashley needed some photos for a portfolio she is building so I took her to one of my favorite places in the area.

myrtle beach senior myrtle beach senior1 myrtle beach senior2 myrtle beach senior2b myrtle beach senior3 myrtle beach senior3b myrtle beach senior4 myrtle beach senior5 myrtle beach senior6 myrtle beach senior7

Karissa – Pro Tree Climber – Lifestyle Shoot {Myrtle Beach Photographer}

This is pro tree climber Karissa from Blue Mont, VA. By day Karissa works as a tree a trimmer for a company in Blue Mont called “Tree Life.” She has been working as a tree trimmer for over 11 years and you should have seen how easy she got up in these trees last night using total upper and lower body strength. In her spare time she trains and competes in the Mid Atlantic Climbers and last year she placed second. Winter is the slow season for tree trimming so Karissa is planning a multi-month trek around the U.S. with her truck and her dog, Nessa.  They plan on stopping at all the great wonders and tourist spots from here to San Diego and back. Here are the fun photos we got doing what she is so good at.

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Myrtle Beach Yoga Instructor 7-11-13 {Myrtle Beach Portrait Photographer}

Nicole is a local Yoga instructor and I had the opportunity to photograph her doing some of her moves at sunrise today.

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myrtle beach yoga myrtle beach yoga myrtle beach yoga myrtle beach yoga

Ms. Tori (Myrtle Beach Photographer)

Tori came into the studio today with her dance coach for some very specific shots that she needed for a competition. She is an amazing dancer for sure and only in the 10th grade. I will be hanging on to these photos so when she is super famous and I can “name drop.”   :)

Summer time (myrtle beach photographer)

Summer was one of my brides from last year and we thought it would be fun to do a little photo session at and around the studio. As you can see, the camera just loves her.  Oh yeah,  and she had her own fog machine. :)

6-17-10 “all aboard”

I just had the best time doing this shoot tonight. I have been dying to do a session with this train since I drove by it a few weeks ago. I wanted to do a bridal session there but it’s very dirty and has broken glass all over the inside of the train. These two sisters, Kristin and Alison, were great sports to hang out tonight and give it a shot. Oh, and there are a lot more good ones on my Facebook page.

11-7-09 Kaitlin from Coker College

I met up with Kaitlin to do some fun head shots for her dance career. To kill two birds with one stone she brought along the family for some group photos. We had a nice time in Conway down by the river and someone ripped their jeans. Oops! :)













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