Surprise 50th Anniversary Party!! We Pulled It Off! Lester and Denise

An absolute miracle happened Friday night. My dad and I pulled off a complete surprise party for my mom for their 50th anniversary. It was apparent that she really didn’t know because as she walked into the room, we all saw her expression as some of her closest friends and family were there to scream “Surprise.” We had friends from Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. Old friends, New ones from Myrtle Beach, and we even pulled off the oldest grandson, Curtis, coming from his first semester at Princeton. We had toasts, games, and some dancing. Great food from Inlet Affairs. Cake from Pawleys Island Bakery and Jessie Taylor was our DJ.  IT was a great night and we had some of my mom’s favorite people from the wedding industry come out to celebrate as well. Thanks to everyone that came. Each and every one of you was invited for a reason. You mean a lot to my parents and they were thrilled to have seen you there. Thanks Crystal for capturing the night perfectly. My parents will look at these photos for the next 50 years.  -Kip50th-anniversary_0001 50th-anniversary_0002 50th-anniversary_0003 50th-anniversary_0004 50th-anniversary_0005 50th-anniversary_0007 50th-anniversary_0008 50th-anniversary_0009 50th-anniversary_0006 50th-anniversary_0010 50th-anniversary_0011 50th-anniversary_0012 50th-anniversary_0013 50th-anniversary_0014 50th-anniversary_0015 50th-anniversary_0016 50th-anniversary_0017 50th-anniversary_0018 50th-anniversary_0019 50th-anniversary_0020 50th-anniversary_0021 50th-anniversary_0022 50th-anniversary_0023 50th-anniversary_0024 50th-anniversary_0025 50th-anniversary_0026 50th-anniversary_0027 50th-anniversary_0028 50th-anniversary_0029 50th-anniversary_0030 50th-anniversary_0031

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