Max – Senior Portraits {Myrtle Beach Senior Photos}

Max is a senior at St. James High School and is having an amazing year. He has competed in swimming all across the state, was athlete of the week, and was Homecoming King. One thing Max loves is technology. He told me all about his IPhone, his Apple Watch, and was on Instagram, facebook and snapchat during our shoot. He would like to go to college in Charleston or at Coastal Carolina and doesn’t mind roommates as long as he gets his own bedroom and has Wi-Fi. “Wi-Fi is my life,” he told me. We were rained out from our shoot about 4 times so we were thrilled to finally have the chance to take some cool senior photos. Max is pretty darn cool, and anyone that knows him will agree.  – Kip

senior-portraits-myrtle-beach-1 senior-portraits-myrtle-beach-2 senior-portraits-myrtle-beach-3 senior-portraits-myrtle-beach-4 senior-portraits-myrtle-beach-5 senior-portraits-myrtle-beach-6 senior-portraits-myrtle-beach-7 senior-portraits-myrtle-beach-8 senior-portraits-myrtle-beach-9 senior-portraits-myrtle-beach-10 senior-portraits-myrtle-beach-11 senior-portraits-myrtle-beach-12 senior-portraits-myrtle-beach-13 senior-portraits-myrtle-beach-14 senior-portraits-myrtle-beach-15 senior-portraits-myrtle-beach-16


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