Meghan – Class of 2017 Senior Portraits

Meghan, her mom and I walked around Georgetown, SC looking for cool spots for photos. I had so much fun with her that I hired her to work for me. She has been my star employee, selling photo packages to soccer moms, and even helped run photo booth at a recent wedding. Here are some of my favorites. Meghan will graduate from St. James High School and says she wants to be a speech therapist. Best of luck, enjoy the rest of your senior year -Kip

myrtle-beach-senior-photos_0001 myrtle-beach-senior-photos_0002 myrtle-beach-senior-photos_0003 myrtle-beach-senior-photos_0004 myrtle-beach-senior-photos_0005 myrtle-beach-senior-photos_0006 myrtle-beach-senior-photos_0007 myrtle-beach-senior-photos_0008 myrtle-beach-senior-photos_0009 myrtle-beach-senior-photos_0010 myrtle-beach-senior-photos_0011 myrtle-beach-senior-photos_0012 myrtle-beach-senior-photos_0013 myrtle-beach-senior-photos_0014 myrtle-beach-senior-photos_0015 myrtle-beach-senior-photos_0016 myrtle-beach-senior-photos_0017 myrtle-beach-senior-photos_0018 myrtle-beach-senior-photos_0019 myrtle-beach-senior-photos_0020 myrtle-beach-senior-photos_0021 myrtle-beach-senior-photos_0022 myrtle-beach-senior-photos_0023

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