Jacqueline and Matt – Engagement Shoot {Myrtle Beach Skywheel}

I had the pleasure of being with these two to capture their engagement when Matt pulled off a great surprise prpposal. Last night I was there to get some engagement photos at the location of their first date. They played arcade games, ski ball, and went on the Sky wheel.  Just as we were about to go on the Sky wheel, the fire alarms went off and dozens of first responders, of all kinds, came rushing to the area. Besides not going on that, we still had a great time and got some super fun images to share. Jacqueline and Matt will get married next summer in Pawleys Island, SC. We can hardly wait…  -kip and crystal

myrtle-beach-engagement_0058 myrtle-beach-engagement_0057



myrtle-beach-engagement_0059 myrtle-beach-engagement_0089 myrtle-beach-engagement_0092


myrtle-beach-engagement_0093 myrtle-beach-engagement_0060 myrtle-beach-engagement_0061 myrtle-beach-engagement_0062 myrtle-beach-engagement_0063 myrtle-beach-engagement_0064 myrtle-beach-engagement_0065 myrtle-beach-engagement_0066 myrtle-beach-engagement_0068 myrtle-beach-engagement_0069 myrtle-beach-engagement_0087 myrtle-beach-engagement_0070 myrtle-beach-engagement_0071 myrtle-beach-engagement_0072 myrtle-beach-engagement_0073 myrtle-beach-engagement_0074 myrtle-beach-engagement_0075 myrtle-beach-engagement_0077 myrtle-beach-engagement_0076 myrtle-beach-engagement_0078 myrtle-beach-engagement_0079 myrtle-beach-engagement_0081 myrtle-beach-engagement_0080 myrtle-beach-engagement_0082 myrtle-beach-engagement_0094 myrtle-beach-engagement_0083 myrtle-beach-engagement_0085 myrtle-beach-engagement_0084 myrtle-beach-engagement_0086 myrtle-beach-engagement_0086b



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