August – Senior Portraits in Conway, SC {St. James High School Senior}

I had a great time walking around the Conway Riverwalk area with August and her friend Haley the other day. We found lots of cool spots and then ended the session at the Myrtle Beach State Park. August is a real nice young woman who plans on being an elementary school teacher in the future and has the perfect personality for it.  Best of luck .  -Kip

senior-photos-myrtle-beach-1 senior-photos-myrtle-beach-2 senior-photos-myrtle-beach-3 senior-photos-myrtle-beach-4 senior-photos-myrtle-beach-5 senior-photos-myrtle-beach-6 senior-photos-myrtle-beach-7 senior-photos-myrtle-beach-8 senior-photos-myrtle-beach-9 senior-photos-myrtle-beach-10 senior-photos-myrtle-beach-11 senior-photos-myrtle-beach-12 senior-photos-myrtle-beach-13 senior-photos-myrtle-beach-14 senior-photos-myrtle-beach-15 senior-photos-myrtle-beach-16 senior-photos-myrtle-beach-17 senior-photos-myrtle-beach-18 senior-photos-myrtle-beach-19 senior-photos-myrtle-beach-20 senior-photos-myrtle-beach-21 senior-photos-myrtle-beach-22


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  1. Christina Kilbury

    Love all of the photos, especially the last one! Can not wait to see what you do with my daughter Sam!! 🙂

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