Jordan – Class of 2017 – Conway, SC Senior Portraits

Jordan is a senior at the Academy of Arts, Science and Technology in Carolina Forest.  This kid is so unique and such a joy to be around. I actually met him and his family at a recent 5k Mud Run and we all hit it off. Jordan plays hockey, loves art and architecture. He is still trying to figure out where he wants to attend college next year, and I’m sure he will make a great choice. Any college will be lucky to have him. Enjoy the rest of your senior year. – Kip

senior-photos_0003 senior-photos_0002 senior-photos_0004 senior-photos_0005 senior-photos_0001 senior-photos_0006 senior-photos_0007 senior-photos_0008 senior-photos_0009 senior-photos_0010 senior-photos_0011 senior-photos_0012 senior-photos_0013 senior-photos_0014 senior-photos_0015 senior-photos_0016 senior-photos_0017 senior-photos_0018 senior-photos_0019

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