Stephanie & Dan – The Hilton at Kingston Plantation – 9.16.16 Myrtle Beach Wedding

Stephanie and Dan celebrated their special day at the Hilton in Kingston Plantation. They really lucked out with the weather since it only rained for like 12 seconds after their first kiss. Robin from the Hilton did a great job organizing and keeping the flow of the event. The reception was beautiful with up lit palm trees courtesy of Mike from DJ Scott and Company. Their delicious cake and cupcakes came from Coccadotts in Myrtle Beach, and Stephanie’s beautiful flowers were done by North Myrtle Beach Florist.

north-myrtle-beach-wedding-1 north-myrtle-beach-wedding-5 north-myrtle-beach-wedding-2 north-myrtle-beach-wedding-3 north-myrtle-beach-wedding-4 north-myrtle-beach-wedding-6 north-myrtle-beach-wedding-7 north-myrtle-beach-wedding-8 north-myrtle-beach-wedding-9 north-myrtle-beach-wedding-10 north-myrtle-beach-wedding-11 north-myrtle-beach-wedding-13 north-myrtle-beach-wedding-12 north-myrtle-beach-wedding-14 north-myrtle-beach-wedding-15 north-myrtle-beach-wedding-16 north-myrtle-beach-wedding-17 north-myrtle-beach-wedding-18 north-myrtle-beach-wedding-19 north-myrtle-beach-wedding-20 north-myrtle-beach-wedding-22 north-myrtle-beach-wedding-21 north-myrtle-beach-wedding-23 north-myrtle-beach-wedding-24 north-myrtle-beach-wedding-25 north-myrtle-beach-wedding-26 north-myrtle-beach-wedding-27 north-myrtle-beach-wedding-28 north-myrtle-beach-wedding-29 north-myrtle-beach-wedding-30 north-myrtle-beach-wedding-31 north-myrtle-beach-wedding-32 north-myrtle-beach-wedding-33 north-myrtle-beach-wedding-34 north-myrtle-beach-wedding-36 north-myrtle-beach-wedding-35


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