Kayla and Blue – Beach Wedding – Huntington Beach State Park 9-4-16

Well, I’m glad these folks were staying in town a few days because we had to reschedule their ceremony due to Hurricane Hermine. Kayla and Blue got married on the sand at Huntington Beach State Park with their beautiful baby, Ava, Kayla’s parents and brother, who performed a great ceremony. After the ceremony and some photos, they had a great time cutting the cake and smashing it a little too.  Good luck to you guys. Thanks for having me.  -Kip

myrtle beach wedding_0001 myrtle beach wedding_0002 myrtle beach wedding_0003 myrtle beach wedding_0004 myrtle beach wedding_0005 myrtle beach wedding_0006 myrtle beach wedding_0007 myrtle beach wedding_0008 myrtle beach wedding_0009 myrtle beach wedding_0010 myrtle beach wedding_0011 myrtle beach wedding_0012 myrtle beach wedding_0013 myrtle beach wedding_0014 myrtle beach wedding_0015 myrtle beach wedding_0016 myrtle beach wedding_0017 myrtle beach wedding_0018 myrtle beach wedding_0019

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