Darryn & Kristen – Debordieu Wedding – 8.14.16

Darryn and Kristen started out with the most beautiful sunny day for their ceremony in Georgetown, South Carolina. Their ceremony was quick, intimate, and a special way to combine their two families. The flowers by Denise at Greenskeeper Florist were beautiful. The cake by Pawleys Island Bakery was beachy, fun, and delicious. DJ Paul Matthews lucked out with such a great crowd, keeping the dance floor packed all night. Kelly and her team at Debordieu once again put out an amazing spread. It seemed like both families had a blast and will remember this day for years to come. Thanks for letting us be a part of it. – Kip and Crystal

debordieu wedding_0038 debordieu wedding_0044 debordieu wedding_0040 debordieu wedding_0041 debordieu wedding_0039 debordieu wedding_0042 debordieu wedding_0045 debordieu wedding_0046 debordieu wedding_0047 debordieu wedding_0048 debordieu wedding_0049 debordieu wedding_0050 debordieu wedding_0051 debordieu wedding_0052 debordieu wedding_0053 debordieu wedding_0054 debordieu wedding_0055 debordieu wedding_0056 debordieu wedding_0057 debordieu wedding_0058 debordieu wedding_0059 debordieu wedding_0060 debordieu wedding_0043 debordieu wedding_0061 debordieu wedding_0062 debordieu wedding_0063 debordieu wedding_0064 debordieu wedding_0067 debordieu wedding_0065 debordieu wedding_0066

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