Kimberly and Craig – Litchfield Beach Wedding – 8.13.16

Congratulations to Kimberly and Craig on tying the knot this past Saturday. Their ceremony was one heck of a tear jerker. The flowers by Greenskeeper Florist gave a pop to the beautifully decorated club house. Eventworks provided the chairs and the awesome doors that welcomed you in, and the wedding planners, Sally and Mary, did a great job keeping the day moving smoothly. Here are a few of my favorites. – Crystal

litchfield beach wedding_0022 litchfield beach wedding_0023 litchfield beach wedding_0025 litchfield beach wedding_0024 litchfield beach wedding_0026 litchfield beach wedding_0027 litchfield beach wedding_0028 litchfield beach wedding_0029 litchfield beach wedding_0030 litchfield beach wedding_0031 litchfield beach wedding_0032 litchfield beach wedding_0033 litchfield beach wedding_0034 litchfield beach wedding_0035 litchfield beach wedding_0036 litchfield beach wedding_0037


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  1. Jane Barry

    WOW, what’s beautiful couple!! I can clearly see they get their good looks from their parents, for sure. Jane Barry

  2. Luciann Slomkowski

    Beautiful! Good Health and much love to the the Loving Couple on their Wedding day. Ed and Luciann Slomkowski

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