Marybeth & Jimmy – Cooper House Wedding – 6.25.16

Marybeth and Jimmy’s special day started at St. Michael’s for a beautiful catholic ceremony. Later that evening, they celebrated their new marriage at the Cooper House with their friends and family. Murray and Mike’s Catering and DJ services served delicious food and kept the guests on the dance floor. Marybeth looked great in her gown from David’s Bridal, and their wedding party consisted of Jimmy’s two sons and Marybeth’s daughter and son. Here are some favorites from the day. – Crystal

cooper house_0034 cooper house_0071 cooper house_0044 cooper house_0043 cooper house_0045 cooper house_0046 cooper house_0048 cooper house_0047 cooper house_0036 cooper house_0037 cooper house_0038 cooper house_0039 cooper house_0040 cooper house_0041 cooper house_0042 cooper house_0057 cooper house_0054 cooper house_0053 cooper house_0051 cooper house_0056 cooper house_0055 cooper house_0052 cooper house_0059 cooper house_0058 cooper house_0050 cooper house_0049 cooper house_0035 cooper house_0060 cooper house_0061 cooper house_0062 cooper house_0063 cooper house_0064 cooper house_0065 cooper house_0069 cooper house_0070 cooper house_0066 cooper house_0067 cooper house_0068

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