10-9-11 Sarah and Stephen – Myrtle Beach Train Depot.

Sarah and Stephen had a beautiful and traditional ceremony at the Myrtle Beach First Methodist Church that was immediately followed by a fun filled, wild reception at the Myrtle Beach Train Depot. Well, to be fair…. the reception didn’t start out wild. There were many tears shed and  many beautiful moments. When the celebration trickled down to mostly the wedding party, it got wild and crazy.  We did what we could to not put down the cameras and join in the dancing fun.   DJ Lex of Diamond Entertainment was incredible, the way he mixed old and new songs was very impressive.  Stephen’s sister made the cake which was amazing to look at and to eat. Many of the decorations and the planning were done by Sarah Wise, a new event planner in town, of  The Bride’s Maid.  You sure wouldn’t know she was new to the business the way she took charge and had a million things going on at once.   I don’t usually start my blog with a photo, out of order or soooo large. But as soon as I took it, it was one of my favorite photos ever.  And it wasn’t posed, this is where Sarah kept going to cool off from cutting a rug. 🙂


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