9-18-10 Tabitha and John

Wedding season is back in full swing for me. Tonight was week one of six in a row I have scheduled. What a perfect wedding to start the season off. Tabitha and John are so into each other and they were both just so cool  this entire day. They looked awesome and they were surrounded by their closest friends and family for a beautiful beach wedding in Surfside. They gave each other gifts prior to the ceremony that were so personal and and really was a great start to a magical day.


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  1. Tabitha & John

    WOW – Kip you did a outstanding job – these are beautiful! The whole family is looking at the pics on the blog and they are amazing…!

  2. susan buice

    Wow! I am in tears of happiness for the two of you!!!! I love you so much and these pictures capture the love and happiness between the two of you!! Thank you for sharing! I wish we could have been there but seeing these today is a true blessing.. Have a wonderful time in Dominican! We love you guys and look forward to the next time we are all together!
    Love Always!
    Susan and Ron!

  3. Dana Dawson

    OMG!! What awesome photos….that reflect wonderful memories of a beautiful day!! Thanks for letting me be a part…..I was truly honored! Now, I just hope someone got a video of John singing 🙂
    See you both soon when you get back all relaxed from your honeymoon.

  4. Patricia Shannon

    Tabatha and John you totally show your love for each other in each and every photograph. We are so happy for you! We had a wonderful week.

    Love for Eternity,

    Mom and Dad

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