8-31-10 Holden Beach, NC

Stephanie and Seth came down to the beach from West Virginia in search of a peaceful ceremony. They found a great house right on the ocean to relax in, and soak up the sun for a week. Today was just the two of them, two great friends an officiant and myself, snapping photos. Stephanie and Seth were so laid back that after the ceremony, they were willing to get soaking wet, and while I was taking photos of the rings, Seth put his bathing suit on.  They were quickly ready to enjoy the beach again.  Oh, and Stephanie made her own boquet out of new and old broaches found online and at yard sale. beautiful. It was such a pleasure to work with this couple, even so briefly.  🙂 Here are some pics to tell the story of today, the day Stephanie and Seth were married.


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  1. Grams

    I am so happy for you. I wish you both much happiness. The pictures were beautiful. Thanks for putting them on facebook. You looked like you were having a lot of fun. I love you. Grams

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