7-17-09 Ms. Ashley’s Angels

Tonight was susch a fun session with these three young ladies from Spartanburg. They are in town for their teacher Ashley’s wedding tomorrow night.  We went around the Atalaya Castle for a bit then hit the beach.  Kelly, Jill, and Sabrina were hams. It took only a couple pictures to get them going. They were full of fun ideas for shots and didn’t let the killer sand spurs or 90 mile per hour flying sand stop them for a second. Here are a few of my favorites.  See you girls tomorrow night.











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  1. Cassie

    This little tid bit has just made us all that much more excited to see all the pictures. The girls already feel so beautiful seeing themselves in this setting. Thank you for capturing that! You made them feel so comfortable and we will definatley be seeing you again! I will definately recommend you to anyone we know and we haven’t even seen the 325 other pictures. Thank you again for catching our “angels” in the act. Cassie

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